Afrikaans boerboel

afrikaans boerboel

tawny, black, reddish brown, brown and all shades of brindle. They are a big, solid, powerful breed with a distinctive broad (but not oversized tight skinned head, a muscular neck and shoulders, and flat back. He is steadfast, calm, highly intelligent, and incredibly loyal. We strive to create a loving pet with an even temperament that is happiest in a family environment where they can put their protective instincts into action when required as an extended member of your family. Because of their protective instinct, the Boerboel should never be allowed off leash. Full Breed Standard Colors Markings Colors Description Standard Colors Registration Code brindle Check Mark For Standard Color 057 brown Check Mark For Standard Color 061 cream Check Mark For Standard Color 076 RED Check Mark For Standard Color 140 reddish brown Check Mark For Standard. Share At the May 2007 board meeting the Boerboel became eligible to compete in companion events effective January 1, 2008. By some reports, the, boerboel was brought to South Africa by Jan van Riebeeck, the founder of Cape Town. It requires daily exercise, such as playtime in a large, fenced yard or a long walk. Dewclaws should be removed. The rump is broad and strong, with good muscle development.

Browse through our breeder's listings and find your perfect puppy at the perfect price. The tail is normally docked. Once you have done detailed research on each breed, you should research reputable breeders. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. Front dewclaws may be removed. The South African, boerboel is known as the, boerboel and the South African Mastiff. Boerboel at play or work, standing or moving, it should show strength, suppleness, nimbleness and agility.

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Description, the, boerboel is mikael lundstedt kiropraktor a big, strong and intelligent working dog. The hind legs are strong boned. Rear dewclaws, if any, are generally removed. The upper thighs are broad, deep and muscular as seen from the side and the rear. The boerboel is extremely hardy and versatile and can survive in both a kennel or a household. The loose, fleshy upper lip should cover the lower lip, but should not hang lower than the lower jaw.

This breed is very sensitive to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, so take your climate into consideration. It is a guard dog which was created by mixing various African and European breeds, possibly including the Bulldog, Bullmastiff, and Rhodesian Ridgeback. The skin is thick, loose, well pigmented with moderate wrinkles on the forehead when the dog is alert. They are dominant and confident, also bright and eager to learn. Forequarters, the forelegs are strong boned, with well-defined muscles. While it is a large breed, the. Share At the May 2011 board meeting the American Boerboel Club, inc.