Ted bandidos stockholm

ted bandidos stockholm

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BIG FAT congratulations TO bandidos MC nice chapter / france TO 16TH anniversary love, loyalty AND respect bandidos MC seven hills russia bandidos MC rivertown vantaa, finland. Love, loyalty AND respect BMC neuwied germany bandido niko 1ER. WE wish YOU ALL THE best brother! Enjoy your DAY brother! Oktober 2016, 16:50 BIG FAT congrat TO bandido raffe 1ER sweden TO your 10 years IN bandido nation. Oktober 2016, 16:51 Big fat congratulations to our brother Bandido kelly 1er on your new status trafikverket körkortsförnyelse göteborg as Vice Presidente Northen Region New Zealand, well done brother! Love loyalty AND respect. Oktober 2016, 15:11 congratulation TO bandido marti 1ER estonia with your 5-YRS anniversary!

Håkan himself is a strong believer that imagination can be trained, something that everyone could and should. December 2011, 00:46 WE wish OUR brother bandido TED 1ER from stockholast AND full recovery.F.B.D love, loyalty, respect bandidos nomad chapter australia bandidos MC wetzlar OLD town chapter wetzlar germany. Wish yoat party brother! December 2011, 12:02 Congratulations to Bandido Simo 1er - Bandidos MC Minetown Chapter, Finland - for your new status in Bandido Nation.