Stockholm explosion metro

stockholm explosion metro

and northern suburbs to the city centre. We do not know more than that.". Local shopkeeper Abdullah Ozmen said he heard the blast and then saw the injured pair on the floor. Just want to give feedback? Recommendations: /r/full_news /r/qualitynews /r/neutralnews /r/worldevents submit analysis/opinion article submit news article submit something else submit analysis/opinion article.

Has a pay wall or steals content. Is responding to spam. Covers an already-submitted story. When we went out we saw people lying on the ground.".

stockholm explosion metro

According to police, the man endured fatal injuries after picking up something off the ground that ended up detonating. Man led in explosion outside, stockholm metro station after picking up hand grenade off the floor.A man seriously injured in an explosion outside a metro station in, stockholm, Sweden has. Stockholm metro station explosion : One dead and another injured in Sweden capital blast A MAN has died and his wife injured in an explosion outside a metro station in the southern suburbs. Yeah, metro explosion is perhaps a little misleading. For some reason everyone seems to love talking about the fall of Europe and Sweden in particular at any given oppertunity.

She said: "It was the loudest bang.". Send the mod team a message. Varby Gard station is on the. Expanded Rules If your post doesn't fit, consider finding an appropriate news article on that story to submit instead, or submitting yours to lower moderation subreddits: /r/inthenews - all news-related content /r/AnythingGoesNews - unrestricted sf bio helsingborg söderpunkten news /r/truereddit - insightful articles /r/self - any self-post /r/misc, /r/redditdotcom. Police are also checking for additional explosive devices. A section of the metro line was shut. We do not know more than that. Is a cheap and distracting joke or meme. The man and woman were together and are believed to be a couple. Has a title not taken from the article. The man was rushed to hospital in a serious condition but later died from multiple injuries sustained in the blast.