Borås san andreas, q är gta

borås san andreas, q är gta

Hood (given by Sweet Johnson ) - Take out drug dealers in the territory of the Grove and assault a Ballas crack den. Woozie, a Chinese Triad leader whom CJ met at a race, gives him work to further establish himself. Toreno tells CJ the truth about Tenpenny's crimes. Tenpenny paul nystedt jönköping gets arrested for his crimes to Los Santos, but with the lack of evidence (Pulaski killed Hernandez, and CJ killed Pulaski and many other people who could be used as key witnesses under Tenpenny's orders Tenpenny is released, making the people turn Los Santos. There are 29 missions (including the opening sequence) in Los Santos. First Date (given by Catalina ) - Meet Cesar's cousin. In the Beginning (given by, carl Johnson ) - Watch the opening cutscene, and then make the way back. This is a comprehensive list of storyline missions. Tenpenny has a few loose ends that need to be taken care of, and Carl takes care of them while trying to keep himself and his sister out of danger.

borås san andreas, q är gta

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CJ also does missions for. ) - Frame a district attorney that is causing Tenpenny problems, by posing as twitter gothenburg_cm a valet and planting drugs in his car. King in Exile (given by Cesar Vialpando ) - Meet Cesar and Kendl again. This will also serve as a way for CJ to make up for sabotaging Toreno's drug peddling operation. Simplemente disfruta de los escenarios y juega con total libertad. House Party (given by OG Loc ) - Visit OG Loc's party and protect Grove Street from an attack by the Ballas. Wear Flowers in Your Hair (given by Carl Johnson ) - Pick up some friends of The Truth, who can help with the garage. Architectural Espionage ( Robbery mission; optional, needed for 100) - Steal the blueprint for Caligula's Casino. Gone Courting (given by Catalina ) - note: Choose a Robbery mission listed below after the cutscene (Against All Odds is recommended). Madd Dogg's Rhymes (given by OG Loc ) - Steal Madd Dogg 's rhyme book.

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