Pkcs#11 firefox mac

pkcs#11 firefox mac

status: loaded slot: NSS Internal Cryptographic Services token: NSS Generic Crypto Services uri: ;modelNSS203 slot: NSS User Private Key and Certificate Services token: NSS Certificate DB uri: ;modelNSS203. The file cert8.db stores user certificates and intermediate certificates send by websites, so if you have certificates that you want to keep then you may want to export them now and import them after having removed cert8.db. And it was a no-go either. NSS"Flagsinternal, critical trustOrder75 cipherOrder100 askpwany timeout30. I managed to get the Sunpkcs11 to work with Firefox ESR.0 under Windows, but I am unable to get it to load in MacOS. Caused by: CS11Exception: CKR_device_error at CS11.C_Initialize(Native Method) at at tInstance( at i dunno if this would help, but I ran the modutil on the FireFox profile and is dumping this info: modutil -dbdir Support/Firefox/Profiles/fault " -rawlist library name"NSS Internal pkcs #11 Module" Support/Firefox/Profiles/fault certPrefix keyPrefix. I've already tried several different configuration and directly loading it via pkcs11 but nothing worked, can anyone give me some pointer? Permalink, join GitHub today, gitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

pkcs#11 firefox mac

I get the same error. Firefox will create new files. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time "name "onepinopenscpkcs11 "description "OpenSC pkcs#11 Module "type "pkcs11 "path Library/OpenSC/lib "allowed_extensions. Download the ".NET pkcs#11 libraries for Mac OS X" file. The tokend is then installed as Long term plan, the idea is to have this tokend provided by Apple in the next major operating system (Mac OS.7). Db' flags'readOnly' " slot 2, then in Java, I've tried to load it like this: FileInputStream bröllop bröllop 40 år fis new FileInputStream g Provider provider new Sunpkcs11(fis dProvider(provider However this immediately gives me the following error: sunpkcs11: Initializing pkcs#11 library sunpkcs11: Multi-threaded initialization failed: CS11Exception: CKR_device_error.

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