Tora bora-grottorna sas

tora bora-grottorna sas

the outskirts of the Taliban stronghold. IN THE darkness before first light, the SAS sergeant leading patrol Alpha OneOne spoke softly Into his radio; Alpha One Two, in position? The rule in the regiment is anyone with a gun can kill. Afghan commanders fighting al Qaeda and the Taliban as well as American officials including Vice President Dick Cheney have said for the past week that they believed it was a strong possibility that Bin Laden was hiding in the Tora Bora cave complex close. The wounded trooper was spotted but ignored. This would allow the support team to administer life-saving fluid immediately in the caves while still under enemy fire before dragging him out.

Two radio squelches came back.
The four-man SAS assault team was ready.
British Special Air Service soldiers and American Green Berets are today playing a key role in the battle for control of al Qaeda's cave complex.
Tora, bora 2001 Soviet Army reports.

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Hear each other grunt. In an exclusive article scandic umeå syd kontakt for the News of the World, Mr Rumsfeld described the British special forces as among "the toughest and smartest troops in the world". Some of the Brits carried the traditional commando knife or American K Bars but several fought for their lives by slashing at the enemy with the preferred kukris, the traditional curved Gurkha knife. They are supporting opposition groups, they are not leading opposition groups.". US rear admiral John Stufflebeem said the special forces soldiers in Tora Bora "are trying to determine locations of al Qaeda, and specifically al Qaeda leadership and remaining Taliban that might be in the area.

Not to mention the SBS NCO who was supposed to have been awarded the Medal of Honor by the. The priority was to take out the enemy fighters just yards away. He said that fighting was so ferocious outside the cave complex that it had not been possible to conduct a full search but he was convinced they had captured Bin Laden's underground headquarters. The man, a sergeant, led a patrol of half-a-dozen SBS commandos who rescued a member of the CIA's special activities section from the fort at Qala-i-Jangi near Mazar-i-Sharif, in November 2001.