Boreal coffee Zürich

boreal coffee Zürich

kahve içiyorsanz, gidilecek yer buras. Stay tuned for event 06! Now in 4 locations in Geneva and 2 locations in Zürich, customers can expect an amazing experience from bean to cup. Thursday the 2nd at 17:30! From an abandoned storage space to a convivial meeting place in the heart of Geneva, our first café opened in April 2009.

Free Coffee Training 07 - Cappuccino. Tell your friends, recent facebook posts. Facebook, visitors' opinions / 20, great high coffee, nice staff, good wifi, great place, lovely music. Free Coffee Training 05 - Syphon m, zurichs best cafés, pleased to see Boréal Coffee on Zurichs best cafés list. Free Coffee Espresso Workshop completed! No data Phone, monday 07:00 19:00, tuesday Today 07:00 19:00, wednesday 07:00 19:00, thursday 07:00 19:00, friday 07:00 19:00, saturday 09:00 19:00, sunday 09:00 19:00. Google gives.5 so you can choose Boréal Coffee Shop to spend a good time here. Previous, the next, talacker 41, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland Address. Friendly staff, versatile seating (tables, high tops, comfy couches free wifi re). Full reviewHide, user reviews on dishes and features. Our mission is to make great coffee the new norm so we will be doing this training for free. There is no cap on the amount of people that can attend but only the first 5 to join the event on facebook will be able to practice.