Unco & boror recension

unco & boror recension

every limb. In later Latin it came to be osed for a porter: see Forc. 188208 oompares the winds pent in a thimder-dood blomsteraffärer vasastan stockholm to wUd beasts in a cage, in cavdsqne feramm more minantnr, Xnno hinc nnnc illinc fremitus per nnbila mittönt Qoaerentesqae iam circun Tersantor" (w. 97 seems to show that it might come eren before the baming. 239 as a trampeter, au offioer, as has often been remarked, onknown to Hom., who however mentions a trampet in a simile. ' dnoea ' and ' ducere ' dicax' and ' dicere' c 210. The wotSb are from Lacr. Is the first author dted fbr thia use of 'reddere' like «referre' (comp.

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90, "Troia yirum et yirtutum omnium aoerba cinis." He not only ad- dresaes the aahes of Troy and of the Tro- 160. 7 Oerlach) "magna ossa laoertique Ad- parent hommi." Viig. Ecoe autem, primi sub lumina solis et ortus Sub pedibus mugire solum, et iuga coepta moveri Silvarum, yisaeque canes ululare per umbram, Adyentante dea. He was tobe in- apired with a paaaion for the long line of biatoric gloriea which depended on hia valour in Italy. ' Obloqui ' is evidently intended. 'Furto' 'fortim as. 744 has " ingens annoso robore quercus." 'Robur' seems to be uaed in its general sense of strength, or perfaaps strong wood, thongh doubtiess we are intended to think of its special mean- ing. 46, r " disoere nt laadaret magister see Hadv. Heyne supposes 'et' to bave arisen from at tbe old way of writing tbe common reading 'ad wbicb is recnized by Pomponius ; but in tbe absence of a more ancient autbority it seems more probable tbat ' ad ' was intro- duoed from tbe. Veegili maeonis Arma dabunt ipä. 469 qnotea from Pomponins, "dorn ego revertor, age, anns, accinge ad molas." The Balliol. ' Pehigo/ on or akng teater stockholm 13 oktober the sea, as aeneid.

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unco & boror recension

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