Carsten Lundby cv

carsten Lundby cv

humans must be over 50, but it should of course be kept in mind that the crucial factor in this regard is red cell mass. In our experiments, however, systemic vascular conductance remained unchanged with rHuEpo treatment (5.1 ml min1 mmHg1 increase,.43). Journal compilation C 2008 The Physiological Society DOI:.1113/jphysiol.2007. However, by using femoralarterial haematocrit as an estimate ofwhole body haematocrit in our subjects, wecalculated a mean Fcell ratio.99.02before rHuEpo and.00.02 after14 weeks of treatment. In a newly performed study we have mimicked spansk mat helsingborg our original injection regime in 16 subjects, and the preliminary results demonstrate a decrease in plasma volume over time in all subjects, demonstrating a high reproducibility of our previous results. Haematologica 86, 128137.Pirofsky B (1953). Although appealing, we are of different opinion. Journal compilation C 2008 The Physiological Society. The difference in resultsbetween our study and those demonstratinga vasopressor effect may very well bethe result of a low versus high Epoconcentration. This suggeststhat, in the present study, peripheralvenous haematocrit did not overestimatewhole body haematocrit, either duringbaseline or after rHuEpo the letter it is argued that an increasein the filling state of the heart could bethe main cause of the reported reduction inrenin and aldesterone. F cell ratio.99.02 before rHuEpo and.00.02 after 14 weeks of treatment.

The care taken when completing the experiments is reflected in the low CV for red cell volume, plasma volume, and blood volume (2.7,.7, and.6, respectively). Since haematocrit of the venous blood sample was corrected neither for trapped plasma, nor for peripheral blood sampling (. It should also be obviousthat VO2,max does not necessarily changewhen the haematocrit is altered afterall the haematocrit may easily be changedwithout changing haemoglobin mass, and ithas been demonstrated that plasma volumeexpansion does not do much to VO2,max, atleast in trained we have stated in our. They were medical or physiology students and none of them participated in organized sports. As mentioned in our paper Epo may cause vasoconstriction. Effects of thermal stressand exercise on blood volume in ysiol Rev 65, 149209.Heidenreich S, Rahn KH Zidek W (1991).Direct vasopressor effect of recombinanthuman erythropoietin on renal resistancevessels.

2003 and when calculatingplasma volumes from Hb mass or bloodvolume and haematocrits reported instudies where rHuEpo has been injectedin healthy subjects, plasma volumes areindeed also decreased in these studies(Ekblom Berglund, 1991; Parisotto.2001). The P values forthe suggested tendency, however, are.33and.22, respectively, leaving this ratherspeculative.