Viggo lundberg fotograf

viggo lundberg fotograf

days ago @viggo_lundberg, dodging the moose hunt like a pro. Vikingagården Gunnes gård 2k 138 15 days ago @viggo_lundberg, happy Halloween folks! Its harsh call, and its presence in remote wild places and at scenes of death, has earned it a reputation as a bird of ill-omen. I mean it's dark outside when you go to work, and even darker when it's time to go home. In the world of myth, it is a bird of paradox, and something of a dark clown. This fellow has takens it's refuge to one of Stockholms southern suburbs. For me I actually think a lot of snow is the best cure.

Its association with playful intelligence is perhaps exceeded by its image as a bird of death. What's your best tip? @viggo_lundberg, who else feels like doing just like this little squirrel right now? You are the best! At, stockholm, Sweden 3k 360 27 days ago, next ». Better head up north real soon. Kind of feels like nothing but a very full, very strong pot of coffee will get me out of bed. The raven is probably the world's most intelligent bird. How do you cope with the winter blues and lack of light? «Peter Lindbergh: Photo Poet of Anti-Glamour».