Sj trafikinformation helsingborg

sj trafikinformation helsingborg

also see which track the train will leave from and follow SJ's arrivals and departures. HomeBoundPrice - (posit/2) bookingCurrency posit bookingCurrency, deposit replacePlaceHolders You will now pay the normal ticket price and receive deposit for the return trip if you check-in in arrivalPort no later than hours hours after departure from departurePort. Access denied rstName, you are not authorised to access this page. Cashback only in EUR and only in the replacePlaceHolders You will now pay the normal ticket price and receive deposit on the return trip if you check-in on the same calenderday as departure from departurePort. By continuing you are accepting the use of cookies. Payout or trade-in only on board.

Mininum hours hours after your departure from departurePort, you may check in for your return trip from arrivalPort and receive your cashback coupon there. You can find your personal details and your bookings under your profile in the right corner. Trafikinformation för linje Gedser-Rostock och Rödby-Puttgarden. OutBoundPrice - posit bookingCurrency okingFlowState. Please choose whether you want to cancel your log out and return to your order or proceed with your log out.

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Byte av språk, när du byter språk skickas du till den engelska startsidan och din eventuella pågående bokning avbryts. Move on to traffic info and search for your station or train number to follow your train or stretch and see if the train is on time. Right now we are working hard to improve our traffic info. Kostnadsfri SMS-tjänst, få information om stora förseningar och inställda turer i din mobiltelefon. Log out, you have an unpaid order in progress. fundPrice bookingCurrency, refund Service ymentFee bookingCurrency, online booking fee bTotal bookingCurrency. The discount is deducted from all prices stated in this booking. For information on traffic changes in Denmark, please consult.