Lundhs kungliga granit

lundhs kungliga granit

have six granite materials, quarried by Palin Granit: Baltic Brown, Baltic Green, Karelia Red, Balmoral Red, Carmen Red, Eagle Red and Aurora. Contact us, design, the New Exclusive Limited Edition Sfera Bowl. Email: You must enter at least 10 characters. In 2014 Lundhs bought 40 of the shares in Palin Granit, Finland. Most known is the Larvikite, only found in the area surrounding the small city of Larvik in the south of Norway. Description: Lundhs, silver granite is a coarse-grained monzonite (larvikite) with dark grey, shiny feldspar crystals of the Permian period. Read more about our materials. If you stroll around Manhattan (NYC you can see Larvikite decorating shop fronts everywhere. A small sample is usually representative of the whole slab not having a wide variation in colour and veining. Lundhs main office is located in Larvik, but we also have a office in China, sales agents in Brazil, Vietnam, India and Italy.

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lundhs kungliga granit

Petrographic Composition: Average Feldspar 85, Pyroxene 4, Amphibole 3, Nepheline 3, Magnetite 3, Olivine 1, hotell panorama göteborg restaurang Biotite 1,Apatite. Why choose a Lundhs worktop? Monzonite: Monzonite is a plutonic igneous rock intermediate in composition between syenite and diorite. Monzonite is not a rare rock type, but it generally occurs in rather small, heterogeneous masses associated with (and perhaps gradational to) diorites, pyroxenites, or gabbros. Design, lundhs is delighted to announce both its participation in the London Design Fair this September and the launch of a brand new limited edition accessories collection.

The collection, called Essence, is made by Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger.
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Royal (Blue Pearl Royal) is a medium-grained granite quarried in the North of Europe, characterized by it's uniform color with big blue feldspar.