Fiber cement board pris Sydafrika

fiber cement board pris Sydafrika

cedar shake. Most in this list are billion dollar companies. So lets look at the pros and cons of fiber cement siding compared to vinyl. Fiber cement siding is steadily cutting into vinyl sidings market share due to its compelling blend of painted-wood appearance, outstanding durability and very competitive price. In the 1980s, fiber cement (or fiber - cement ) siding began its ascent to rock star siding status behind innovations introduced by the James Hardie Company in Australia. All of these are available in unpainted, primed and pre-painted material.

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You will not find a start-up making fiber - cement in your local light-industrial area. . The sheets of fiber cement board are then baked to dry and harden them. It is made of: Wood pulp that adds flexibility/reduces brittleness. Your panel choices include: 4 wide 8 to 10 high A range of styles replicate grooved wood siding, wood panel siding, wood board batten siding and textured or smooth stucco A good range of colors including stained-wood tones Shingles, Shakes, Scallops, Bricks and Stones: The. Fiber Cement Vs Vinyl Siding This head-to-head comparison of cement fiber siding and vinyl siding exposes their relative strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what is in fiber cement board makes it clear why it offers so many pluses as a siding material.