Tingsratten vänersborg

tingsratten vänersborg

golden ship (a bojort 3 ) with two, swedish flags. Grannsamverkan 29 november, vill du och dina grannar starta upp grannsamverkan i ert bostadsområde? The name "Vänersborg" means "fortress at Vänern". Ljunggren had spent 30 years on Vänersborg City Council, and three and a half years as mayor. In 1778, the, king Karl Canal was opened between Vänersborg and Trollhättan, shortening the overland portage and in 1800, the new, trollhätte Canal and its locks allowed shipping to move between Vänern and the sea. Trollhättan Falls (and vice versa) where ships could continue unhindered. Vänersborg was the point at which freight was transshipped from lake ships to below the. The prominent Swedish explorer and trader Axel Eriksson was also born in Vänersborg.

The park in the northern part of Vänersborg, Skräckleparken, offers a picturesque view over lake Vänern, and therein also stands this statue of mentioned Ragnar. The band Junip including José González is partially from, and formed in, Vänersborg. Citation needed The Torpaskolan (secondary school) was opened in 1965 and replaced in 2011 by the Nya Torpaskolan. The Arena Vänersborg was opened in 2009. In spite of this, the climate is quite continental considering its classification as marine. Today the municipality is characterized by more high-tech engineering companies, IT and electronics, education and skilled service. It comes from the fortlet which was built in 1644 for the new town's protection. By using Twitters services you agree to our. Climate edit Vänersborg has a cold oceanic climate. Ever since the 1600s, the city's inhabitants consisted of a dynamic mix of administrators, businessmen, artisans and skilled craftsmen. The settlement developed with paved helsingborgsvägen 14 ljungby streets lined with houses and farms and it was granted town privileges in 1580. See also edit References edit External links edit).